Dudley Alexis is an independent lmmaker whose passion is bringing to the world little- known facts about his native land Haiti, while also dispelling certain misconceptions by shedding a light on a rich Haitian culture and the African Diaspora experience at large. He wrote, lmed, directed and edited “Liberty in a Soup”, which he completed in early 2016. The documentary was inspired by a chance encounter with a West African cab driver who questioned Alexis about the fame and signi cance of Soup Joumou, the national dish of Haiti, which commemorates the island nation’s independence from France.

“Liberty in a Soup” is Alexis’ rst feature documentary. His previous works include short documentaries/ narratives, a post production producer for the Miccosukee Magazine -which showcased the life of the Miccosukee Tribe of Florida and other local South Florida issues. He continues to use his medium as a tool for social awareness and change.