The 2016-2017 Liberty in a Soup College Tour is designed to introduce young, unlocked minds to a cohesive understanding of the Haitian experience and the African diaspora. After each screening, a panel discussion of key themes and elements inspired by the film will be held. The Q&A panel will feature the filmmaker and various experts who specialize in the Haitian Revolution.

Our mission is to show the film to college students, both in HBCUs as well as those studying Africana and Caribbean studies in other institutions of higher learning, particularly in schools with a large segment of Haitians in the student body. Our goal is to inspire future documentarians to tell the stories often untold and give voices to people who sustain a nation like the women of Haiti.


Interested in spreading the revolutionary power steeped in Haitian culture and history? There are many ways that individuals and organizations can pursue philanthropy, corporate responsibility and personal goals, and support our mission. Whether it’s putting us in contact with college decision makers or financing a screening at the university of your choice, we welcome and appreciate your help in delivering quality Haitian education and history to hundreds of students across the nation.

Here is a glimpse of what your generous donation will provide:

•Lodging for the filmmaker and crew •Venue Rental
•Advertising & Marketing for each screening

Thank you in advance for your contribution!

Get your name and brand out in the college community in a big way by becoming a sponsor of one of our upcoming college tour dates! Please see the contact information below to see what sponsorship levels and opportunities are available.

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